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Lynda Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
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Lynda Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
2010-05-03 21:01:34 GMT
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Course name: Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
Author: Michael Ninness
Duration (hr:min): 11:15
Released on: 4/30/2010
Exercise files: No


hey tnx for this. but will you be uploading the one-on-one fundamentals ??
download in progress
for the exercise files
i found this other torrent if u need them as well
Gooood luck
thanks for sharing that link

Awesome man rotfl. Still cant stop laughing.

But anyways does this torrent have basic training like image manipulation and layering and face changing.
Hi, just registered to say a Big Thank you to all you guys...and particularly to wulwa at this time....
Wulwa dude! That was 0EPIC! ROFLMAO
@ wulwa

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you sir helped me a bunch for my school ^^
Some of the tutorials lack the files you need to follow along.. just a heads up
hey, I am looking for something by which i can enhance the photographs, i have a nikkon dslr, and i wanted to know some place where i can lean morphing and enhancing, any suggestions ?
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@wulwa and globalpulper... u guys are extremely funny.. i just hope this guy doesn't get himself injured in tryin to do all your assignments...lmao..

anyways pls how do i get a photoshop training that's for beginners. with a basic introductory course.. thanx a lot.
veri funi.....
the torrent died :(
thanks DjAligator14.

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Someone pls clear if PS CS5 Essential= PS Elements?

I mean are these tutorials of PS Essential or PS main ware?