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ILLUSION School Mate 2

1. About
2. Game Info
3. System requirements
4. Install
5. Credits

1. About

School Mate 2 is marketed as a sequel to the School Mate game, both produced by the Japanese company ILLUSION and released for the PC on June 25, 2010. 

This is an eroges game based on a story line devided into 19 chapters which, when succesfully finished, unlocks the free play mode. Doing a specific selection in free mode unlocks the final ending of the story, but continue to play in free mode will stay available. 

Yukariko and the Hero (a classmate of Yukariko) are cleaning the 3 Jizou statues on the school ground when they slip trying to move the heavy stone. The head of one of the statues is broken and this awakens the 3 spirits, Suho, Asagi and Kohaku. 

The spirits are able to take control of Yukariko's body and tell her that she has been cursed because of the damage done to the statue. Yukariko does not believe in the curse, but the spirits tell her that they will teach her to believe. Furthermore, Yukariko is told that the curse can only be lifted if she does what the spirits ask of her. 

The hero does not entirely understand what is happening and the next day greets Yukariko normally. He is told to not speak to her anymore, and that she will send him keitai mail from now on. 

The next day, he receives a mail which asks him to come meet her in the classroom after school. 

What do the spirits have planned for Yukariko now??? 

2. Game Info

This is School Mate 2 Full game. It already includes all the updates including School Mate 2 Special 3P and School Mate 2 Plus Vol.3 patch. Game is already patched, in english and ready to play.

You have also option to install:

* Illusion Wizzard - Does not contain any mods, only updated wizzard for any future modding. The wizzard needs .NET Framework 1 and 2 installed (included on the DVD)

* Subtitle mod - Very low level dialog translation at the moment unfortunately

* 2 Savegames - You have to chooce one. I also included both savegames on the DVD (under Docs/Help) seperatley so if needed you can manually chooce one later on.

* Illusion RegFix - Enables you to fix registry if needed. This setup already installs correct registry but i decided to include this anyway

* Offline Guides - Pages saved from WiKi

NOTE: This game has been tested under 32 bit XP PRO SP3 and it fully works. 

Read the System requirements before installing to make shure you match the minimum requirements

Before asking any stupid questions make sure:

1. That your windows is fully updated.
2. You have updated the audio/video card drivers
3. You have FULLY readed wiki how to play this game.

3. System requirements

Minimum system:

OS: 32 bits Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 
DirextX: DirextX 9.0c 
CPU: Pentium 2.4 GHz 
RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP, 2 GB for Vista and Windows 7 
HDD: 6 GB free space 
GDU: NVidia Geforce 6 or ATI Radeon X1300 with 128 MB memory


OS: 32 bits Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 
DirextX: DirextX 9.0c 
CPU: Core2 Duo 2.6 GHz 
RAM: 2 GB 
HDD: 8 GB free space 
GDU: at least 512 MB on board 

Optional hardware:

3D glasses: If you have a high end PC then you can run this game in 3D.

4. Install

1. Mount or burn iso with your favorite software and autorun suld start.
2. Install all needed runtimes (.net framework and DirectX)
3. Install School Mate 2
4. Read WiKi
5. Enjoy

5. Credits

Illusion for creating this game
Modders @ Hongfire for their mods
Game repacked by randompirate @ TPB


Nice game.Can you upload You can?t escape from the heroine from illusion,please?
thanks dude
Thnaks still downloading the game..this must be a Thrilling one..strong seeding!!

! We Love Free Software !
Thanks for another great torrent randompirate. Seeding now
For my damnation, I just have downloaded SM2 not patched from Hongfire less than a hour ago, and I just discover you have your version uploaded! Damned name of this page that hasn't your usual naming code, skipped from my search under Illusion... Oh hell, I'll probably just download your version... just don't have the patience to download all the mods and patches and install them...
Thanks man, you're always the one I go to for all my illusion needs. Downloading now and I hope this game does not disappoint. Thanks for the up oh and to everyone else: SEED. That is all.
fanx 4d upload.. . ;)) 3D specs ready! seedin...
Thanx for share havent tested yet
Could you please give me a link (or the authors'names) for the english translation? So I'll can check the future updates later

PS: thx for sharing all this illusion games with easy installer

PS2: I hope being understandable because I'm french.
i have the same problem with this as i did with real kanojo, when i start up the game i just get a black screen? can anyone help at all
I have a question about the subs.

They were working just fine last night, but now they're not showing up at all, i've gone through two missions without subs, and i'm missing out on a lot of the story. I've tried to mess with the sub config too but still nothing. Anyone else get this? It started on Mission 10 if that helps.
The game is great but the autosaves last only until I quit. At the next start there's no Continue option, so I have to start a new game every time.
Is there any solution?
someone tell me how to pick a different girl in endless mode its always the same girl over and over
@randompirate , you seem to of uploaded tonnes, so maybe you know what this is, it says: "The application has fail to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect."

have any idea what it means? do you think i should redownload or what?
sorry for double posting but, that first mistake was running "autorun.exe"... but now i did the setup/setup.exe and im using win 7 x64bit and tried changing compatibility mode to everything, no change.
Then i tried running as admin but weirdly enough it can't even find the file in the folder... haha, any ideas?
i wish i knew why both this game and schoolmate 1 don't show any image on my pc... i hear the sound, but no image... it's frustrating... do you play this?
downlode ?

pleass call me
Is it censored or uncensored?
It's uncensored.
hi... i'm using Win 7 64 bit... works charm... No problems.... Thnks
I'm having the same issue as Puppz. The game won't save for me.
Works perfectly - not my favourite Illusion game though.
seed please!
good game! thanks a lot!
Haven't found the password...
Sorry for the double post, but i've find the problem
Works perfectly.

Thanks for the awesome download SnowCrasher02.