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Rockplayer (ARMv6) For Android (Cracked)
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2010-09-02 17:22:10 GMT
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                          *******   *    *  *     *   *****
                             *      *    *  *     *   *
                             *      ******  *     *   *
                             *      *    *  *     *   * ****
                             *      *    *  *     *   *    *
                             *      *    *  *******   ******

                                     Rockplayer (ARMv6)

RockPlayer is an optimized video player running on Android system from version 1.6. It supports almost all video formats including DivX, avi, mkv, rmvb, etc.


Can you please upload Rockplayer ''(ARMv7)''. I will be thankful. I found it on 4shared but it was not the full version.
there is no diffrence between the diffrent versions of rockplayer, thats why google removed the other two from the market! i will sort it out for you though
i wouldnt advice randomly downloading apps from file sharing sites either, as it stands android is very susceptible to malware, you may end up with more than you bargained for lol
thanks for the advice :)
thank you so much. you, my friend, are a god. may you live long and prosper
What's the difference between ARMv6 and Universal Player?... I'm not familiar with Rockplayer.
Answering myself: "Universal means run on all Android phone known. No more headache of CPU identify, the app handles it automatically." So should I install this one or the Universal one? Someone said this one is better?
Answering myself: ARMv6 is a type of CPU. Rockplayer uses hardware acceleration (like PS3). Lol got it.
Its not completely accurate that all the versions are the same.
As ABTT says, the arm is for different CPUs which means for instant ARMv7 will run better on HTC Desire HD for instance. The universal version will probably work on any phone but not as well as the intended version.
Website: read the last sentence and youll see what I mean.
Is it possible for you to upload Hvga games for the Armv6?