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Kappel F. Differential Equations with App in Biology,Physics,...Engineering 1991
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Variational Inequalities and the Contact of Elastic Plates
D.D. Ang, K Schmitt and L.K. Vy
Analytic Semigroups: Applications to Inverse Problems for Flexible Structures
H. T. Banks and DA. Rebnord
A Maximum Principle for Semilinear Parabolic Network Equations
Joachim Von Below
Pair Formation in Structured Populations
Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Stavros Busenberg and Ken Gerow
Positivity for Operator Matrices
Panos Charissiadis and Rainer Nagel
Time Dependent Differential Equations in Non Reflexive Banach Spaces
Giuseppe Da Prato and Eugenio Sinestrari
Towards a Numerical Analysis of the Escalator Boxcar Train
A.M. De Roos and J.A.J. Metz
An Application of Polynomial Operator Matrices to a Second Order Cauchy
Klaus-J. Engel Asymptotic Convergence for a Class of Autocatalytic Chemical Systems
W.W. Farr, W.E. Fitzgibbon, J.J. Morgan and S.J. Waggoner
Second Order Parabolic Equations in Banach Space Angelo Favini
On the Modified Korteweg-deVries Equation
F. Gesztesy
Integrodifferential Equations with Nondensely Defined Operators
Ronald Grimmer and Hetao Liu
On Nodes of Local Solutions to Schrodinger Equations
M. Hoffmann-Ostenhof and T. Hoffmann-Ostenhof
On Integro-Differential Equations with Weakly Singular Kernels
Kazufumi Ito and Franz Kappel
Ground States of Semi-Linear Diffusion Equations
Hans G Kaper and Man Kam Kwong
Uniform Energy Decay of a Class of Cantilevered Nonlinear Beams with
Nonlinear Dissipation at the Free End
J. Lagnese and G Leugering
Neumann Boundary Stabilization of Structurally Damped Time Periodic Wave
and Plate Equations
Alessandra Lunardi
Convergence in Lotka-Volterra Systems with Diffusion and Delay
R.H. Martin and H.L. Smith
Exact Finite Dimensional Representations of Models for Physiologically
Structured Populations. I: The Abstract Foundations of Linear Chain Trickery
J.A.J. Metz and O. Diekmann
The Nonrelativistic Limit of Klein-Gordon and Dirac Equations
Branko Najman
Spatially Degenerate Diffusion with Periodic-Like Boundary Conditions
Gisele Ruiz Rieder
Scattering Theory of a Supersymmetric Dirac Operator
Bernd Thaller