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Robert Crumb - My Troubles With Women
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Robert Crumb - My Troubles With Women

Last Gasp, 2003

Written and Illustrated by Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Most, if not all of these stories were previously printed in one book or another. Be it a Crumb book or an anthology. There may be a couple of new short pieces, I just can't find confirmation one way or the other. Still a nice collection of stories focusing on one theme (one that should be pretty clear from the title). A nice introduction of Crumb newbies (if there are any of those out there) and another one of the missing pieces for completists.

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SplhcbPrime, oh yes, most definitely given it a great deal of thought. The decision I've come to, for quite a number of reasons, is that so long as I'm not getting burned out by uploading them as single books, or single title runs, this is the way I'm going to go about it.

I'm really into fast-serve, freedom of choice downloads to as many people as possible. The way I'm uploading right now best accomplishes that goal.
For instance, the Robert Crumb folder from which all of the Crumb files are being seeded is approaching 7 GB and contains 183 files. That's just far too large (imo) to upload as one torrent.

Uploaded the way it is...

People can choose the files they want with ease (I use tags pretty religiously, so there isn't even a need to search, just click on a tag in one and be led to the rest).

People get the files faster, because they don't need to wait for 7 GB to download (something particularly beneficial to people with even moderately slow internet speeds).

People are MUCH more likely to continue seeding the smaller chunks, verses a mountain of a torrent, thereby making the files available to more people overall (go back to my first two point and apply them to everyone else who seeds my uploads).

Lastly, I do upload some rather large complete runs. And I upload series and/or volume runs complete almost exclusively. I uploaded a 14 issue run this evening, and I've uploaded several folders that are over a GB.

Yeah, click on the tags EXCEPT for the times when I'm uploading torrents in the middle of the night (morning really) and spell somebodies name wrong, which will lead you to exactly one file. Yeah, don't click on the name in that case. P'shh!
LOL! OK, then. Apologies for being so tedious. I guess I should just upload superhero books so you won't be confused.

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Hey, thanks for checking out my uploads SplhcbPrime. As I have already mentioned, should you have any concerns with my uploads or my comments you should address them with a Pirate Bay moderator.
Hey Mr LTSpock, thanks very much!
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brilliant ripping - thx friend
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